TCR is a frame for our ideas.

It provides us with the basics we need to create and share.

Driven by our passion for robotics and embedded systems.

Some fascinating projects are in the works right now.
We want to grow with the challenges on the way.

It is essential for us to take you along on this journey.
TCR Studio is our way to give you insights into our projects, learn from your feedback and so much more.



digital boardgames

2019 -



the most advanced waterrocket

2020 -



RoboCup Junior: Rescue Line

2012 - 2019


We want to share our projects with you via TCR Studio.

It is essential for us to take you along on this journey.

TCR Studio is our way to give you insights into our projects, learn from your feedback and so much more.
This is mainly done with monthly videos, but we are planning other formats as well.

Additional infos are published along with every video on our studio blog. Take a look!

Delay due to Coronavirus

Hey everyone, we orignally planned to film and edit our introduction-video right around now. But this particular Coronavirus and the resulting restrictions made it impossible for us to follow this plan. Instead of producing the video in this conditions, we decided to use our time to work on the development of Project Poseidon and to …

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RoboCup Junior: Rescue Line

This is how it all begun.

TCR was originally founded to participate at robotics competitions.
Over the years we decided to focus on the Rescue Line discipline, which is hosted within the RoboCupJunior.
The project ended in 2019 after multiple successful participations in national and international events.

If you want to learn more about it, please visit our dedicated Rescue subsite,
with a short overview and timeline.

Feel free to check out our old website, dedicated to just our RoboCup participation.
The content of this site is written solely in german.


german champion 

german vice champion

european vice champion

3rd place in worldcup


Toucan | Sinus & Cosinus | Tangens | ArcTangens

Best Practice in Development Award

Our newest and most ambitious project to date.

We want to build the most advanced waterrocket.

Our plan is to design an electronically controlled Waterrocket with Thrust Vectoring Control, a telemetry link and many more features.
A lot of work is ahead of us to achieve this goal and we aren't even sure that our target can be fully reached.

To work out the properties of the rocket, we decided to build multiple pathfinder vehicles to test the basic hard- and software.
With the knowledge gained we will build the Poseidon Rocket and add more and more features after the first succesful flights.

To learn more about the Project and our Rockets, visit the Project Poseidon subsite.

If you want to read more about the progress we have made, visit the Poseidon Development Blog.

We want to design a true digital boardgame.

It is our vision to develop a piece of hardware which coordinates the game and interconnects the players:

The GameHub

Visit our GameHub subsite to learn more about our goals or to read from the development blog.

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