the TEAM

meet the faces behind TCR

Aaron Bracht

software development  |  writing / narrating

Aaron currently studies computer science and engineering and is responsible for the software part of all projects.
He started coding at the age of eleven and never stopped since.
His affinity for mathematics greatly enhances our projects, be it the software or rocket dynamics.

In our studio project he scripts the videos and narrates the majority of them.
A lot of the texts on this homepage are written by him as well.
Of course except this one, because who would do that?

Aaron is kind of the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the organization and management of our projects.

Finn Breuer

mechanics / electronics development  |  photography / editing

Finn currently studies mechatronics engineering and is responsible for the mechanic and electronics development of all projects.
He designed his first PCB when he was twelve years old, and his steady
hands come in handy when soldering tiny SMDs.

A camera is his second favourite tool, which he uses to create beautiful images for our videos.
The videos are edited by him as well.
He has also done much of the design work for our websites.

He likes to sleep long which annoys some people here at TCR,
but gets great work done during the nights.

Together as Team

Aaron and Finn know each other since they've met in fifth grade. Eleven years have passed since then!

A year later, in 2012, TCR was founded as a Team to compete in robotics competitions.

They decided to focus on the Rescue Line Competition which is hosted within the RoboCupJunior.
In 2014 they even became the German Champion and got ranked 3rd at the Worldcup, and in 2016 they became European Vice Champion.

But even more important than trophies is the experience they gained during that time in their respective fields and as a team!

In 2019, Aaron and Finn started university in Hamburg, Germany and decided to continue the idea behind TCR.
They want to work on ambitious tech-projects and learn along the way. Failing will be a big part of that journey, but that is part of the engineering process.