Delay due to Coronavirus

25 April 2020 in

Hey everyone,

we orignally planned to film and edit our introduction-video right around now. But this particular Coronavirus and the resulting restrictions made it impossible for us to follow this plan. Instead of producing the video in this conditions, we decided to use our time to work on the development of Project Poseidon and to start scripting the second video.

We will talk about the math needed to keep track of the orientation of a moving vehicle equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and present our implementation as well. At least that’s the plan. That plans can change is provided with the first paragrah of this article 😉 We will publish a short development article about the IMU and orientation tracking quite soon after this one on the Project Poseidon development blog.

With that out of the way there is only one thing left to say: Stay healthy! We will get through this together!

Aaron & Finn

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