We plan to publish a video every month which will focus on one topic.

Sometimes we provide additional infos, so that you can dive in deeper. That is why we decided to publish a blog post along with every video.
This gives us the oppertunity to publish spreadsheets, code snippets or other data related to the video.

Currently, Poseidon is  our main project, so most of the videos will be about that.

Have fun watching.

Who we are – introducing TCR

Hey everyone, this is our introduction video in article form. [Aaron] Welcome to the first video on the TCR channel. My name is Aaron and I’m 50% of the team currently working on TCR. [Finn] Hi, I’m Finn and I am the other half of TCR. Because I operate the camera you probably won’t see …

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Delay due to Coronavirus

Hey everyone, we orignally planned to film and edit our introduction-video right around now. But this particular Coronavirus and the resulting restrictions made it impossible for us to follow this plan. Instead of producing the video in this conditions, we decided to use our time to work on the development of Project Poseidon and to …

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